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  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Grilled Shrimp with Pesto & Cocktail Sauce
  • Seared Tuna with Wasabi on a Wonton
  • Mini Steak, Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas
  • Caribbean Chicken with Cassava Chips
  • Cheese-Chorizo-Crackers Platter
  • Fresh Mozzarella-Tomato-Basil Skewers
  • Churrasco Skewers
  • Bacon Wrapped Scallops
  • Baked Brie
  • Fruit Platter
  • Teriyaki Chicken Skewers
  • Crab and Bacon Stuffed Mushroom Caps
  • Ceviche Cups
  • Sushi Rolls
  • Artichoke-Spinach Dip
  • Edamame
  • BBQ Meatballs
  • 7 Layer Nacho Dip
  • Gourmet Cold Pizza
  • Veggie Platter
  • Assorted 1” Pastries
  • Spinach-Artichoke-Feta Fillo Puffs
  • Sliced Pin Wheel Sandwiches
  • Smoked Salmon and Crackers
  • SouthWest Chicken Egg Rolls
  • Shrimp, Pork and Veggie Potstickers (Dumplings)
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Brie-Cranberry Wonton
  • Mini Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes
  • Sliced Beef Tenderloin
  • Lemon-Parmesan Clams
  • Petite Rack of Lamb

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